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Find refuge in nothing

Glenelg Shire is home to some of Victoria’s most stunning natural wonders. But its out-of-the-way location means that it’s often overlooked by tourists travelling between Melbourne and Adelaide.

Find refuge in nothing


Create a campaign that encourages people to seek out Glenelg Shire as a holiday destination.


Glenelg Shire isn’t the kind of place you discover by accident. It’s a destination, not a pit stop. Because of this, it hasn’t been exposed to the same tourist traps and overcrowding that other areas on the coast have seen.

Our campaign focused on redefining the term ‘nothing’, positioning it as a good thing compared to the noise and busyness found in more popular spots. Glenelg Shire is one of Victoria’s best-kept secrets – a pocket of peace and quiet, where you can enjoy beaches, forests and rivers all to yourself.


We produced a variety of print, radio, TV and social media assets. All of these championed the region’s untouched natural beauty and the sense of isolation one can find on less-travelled paths.

The term ‘nothing’ was given a positive spin, and was aligned with the sense of escape Glenelg Shire offers those who go out their way to discover it.

Before commencing this campaign, we also reimagined the Glenelg Shire logo and visual look and feel that came to life in this brand campaign.



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