Ladies, Start Your Hengines

Ridley is an Australian stockfeed company that produces a wide variety of products that are all designed to help animals enjoy good health. Golden Yolk is a chicken feed that features a specific probiotic designed to help hens to maintain healthy digestive systems.

Ladies, Start Your Hengines


To develop a campaign for Golden Yolk that promotes it as a product that helps hens to maintain their good health and productivity.


The idea developed for this campaign centred around positioning hens as high-performance creatures, with their digestive systems playing a key role in maintaining their ongoing good health.


The integrated campaign saw a number of assets developed, all of which brought the idea of chickens’ stomachs being their ‘hengine rooms’ to life. This idea was applied to a platform that featured the Healthy Hen Challenge, where chook owners trialled Golden Yolk for 30 days to see the positive improvements it would have on the overall health and happiness of their chickens.

There was also a strong educational component that offered chook owners the opportunity to undertake learning exercises that would then see them earn their Hengineering Degree, thanks to Golden Yolk.

A series of educational videos were also produced, making it easy for chook owners to source useful nutritional information.

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