The Next Generation

For over 20 years Cydectin has been used by Australian farmers to ensure the good health and productivity of their cattle. So, when a series of significant improvements to this highly regarded product were introduced, it was big news for farmers across the country.

The Next Generation


To launch the new, long acting Cydectin Platinum.


This product represents the next generation of pour-on drenches. And given many Australian farming enterprises see different generations working together, we thought that would be an interesting idea to explore in developing ways to communicate the many benefits of Cydectin Platinum.


The campaign featured a TVC, radio and social media executions. The team at Redhanded also designed the packaging for Cydectin Platinum, giving it a high-tech, innovative look and feel, rightfully positioning it at the cutting edge of drench technology.


The campaign delivered a double digit ROI for launch and helped extend Virbac’s influence on the Pour On market from 2020-21, helping them grow share and revenue when many competitors faced steep decline.

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