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Practical approaches to production

COVID-19 is presenting many of our clients with significant content production challenges. Here are ten tips to help tackle film, voiceover, animation, CGI, and live streaming.

Practical approaches to production

There are various production techniques can be used to create new content and adapt existing content without a physical shoot. Each of these techniques enables high quality production and many can be executed at speed and highly efficiently.

Over the last 17 years we have built a world-class network of production, photography and content experts stretching to some of the most remote locations in Australia.


What is Reach?

With a network of experts spanning right across Australia and NZ, we can film in any location and any state with a reduced crew. We also use remote video conferencing for creative and film direction. This ensures you still get exactly what you want without compromise, while also being COVID-19 compliant.

Reach is a dedicated digital platform purpose-built to track, evaluate and locate the best talent. This ensures we can shoot in remote locations without needing to travel in large numbers. It also enables us to direct all content remotely, ensuring a quality result on every job.


Why Reach?

  • Redhanded Reach platform has an evaluation tool. This ensures each network partner is at the standard we require.
  • Using this process ensures the production process is cost-effective.
  • With creative direction done via remote video conference, we can guarantee quality.
  • It helps to facilitate content production during this challenging time of social distancing.


So how can you transform production and content in today’s climate?

We’ve pulled together a document to┬áprovide useful suggestions to help tackle these challenges. Download here.

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The team at Redhanded is geared up and ready to help you to produce new content or adapt existing content that will help you to keep your brand front of mind in the weeks and months ahead.

Please contact our ECD, Stuart Shepherd to discuss how we can be of assistance during this challenging time.

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