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The Agriculture Leaders Forum

The Agriculture Leaders Forum

Despite the challenges we are all facing the Australian Agribusiness industry is robust. As with many challenging times gone by, Agriculture has stepped up as a key economic pillar, not to mention the crucial role of keeping Australian’s fed and clothed. But now more than ever before, we are working in isolation, which is a barrier to the success of our businesses and sector.

With our nation under threat from a health and economic crisis and our industries in isolation, we believe that it vital that senior leaders come together to share knowledge, support each other and drive individual business and sector success.

With this in mind we are inviting industry corporate leaders to join us in a regular online Agribusiness Leadership Forum. The aim will be to work as a collective to overcome some of the many challenges our businesses, employees, communities and customers are facing.

The format for this forum is as follows:

  • Hosted by Redhanded we will conduct a video conference each fortnight for 1 hour.
  • A 5min survey the week prior to each fortnightly forum – used to determine key topics to address.

The businesses we are inviting are the biggest in Australian Agribusiness, with leaders in positions such as CEO’s, CFO’s, CMO’s, MD’s and Executive Directors. If this is something you would like to be a part of please let Stuart or Lachlan know immediately and we will add you to our group.

We are limiting the group to a maximum of two people per business. It will be an open, collaborative forum discussing challenges, concerns, ideas, solutions and to generally to support each other at the most senior levels.

We hope that you will find this of value and want to be a part of supporting each other and securing the prosperity of Australian Agribusiness.

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