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A new online presence

Highly technical information that varies depending on geography and your type of farming, all wrapped up in one slick looking website that reflects an understanding of exactly what the audience is looking for.

A new online presence


Improve the design, the branding and the user experience to drive increased enquiries. Sounds easy enough, doesn’t it?


To create a site that’s designed to help seed growers to identify and grow reliable yielding seed that is suitable for their specific region.

It’s what happened in the background that helped the new site tick all the boxes, and then some.

• Market research
• Streamlined website sitemap & wireframes
• User interface design
• Geo-location filter to localise products by 14 regions
• Content development that reflected the authentic tone of voice
• Front-end & back-end development (Bootstrap responsive framework)
• WordPress content management system
• GTM, Google analytics & heatmapping
• SEO optimisation

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