Game Of The Month Activation

For a number of years Redhanded has been partnering with WorkSafe Victoria to implement the WorkSafe Game of the Month program across regional Victoria. The primary purpose of the program is to raise awareness of the potential dangers associated with farming and to encourage positive behavioural change.

Game Of The Month Activation

The Brief

In 2019 Redhanded was tasked with raising the profile of the WorkSafe Game of the Month activation at various football matches throughout the state. The goal was to achieve increased engagement and heightened awareness of the risks associated with working on farms.

The Idea

Music is a powerful way to get a message through to someone. This idea involved using the power of music to help communicate the importance of staying safe on the farm. The primary idea behind this being to leverage the emotion of the music, using it to add weight to the farm safe message.

The Execution

The key element in this activation was the design and production of a fully self-contained WorkSafe hub that was then transported to the various games throughout Victoria. Affectionately known as ‘Maria’, the hub features a series of digital touch screens that enable patrons the select a customised Spotify playlist and then send it, along with an accompanying message, to a loved one that they want to stay safe on the farm.

The use of AFL and Netball Victoria ambassadors also played a key role in spreading the message of farm safety at these events.

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