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Redhanded launches after hours creative clinic

For some, the challenges are proving too great. For others, the need to pivot in order to stay in business has never been more important. Australian creatives pride themselves on their ability to solve problems and overcome challenges. It’s what they do every day. In response to the current situation, Redhanded has launched their own ‘After Hours Creative Clinic’. The…

Apr 02, 2020. Creative

The Australia’s Bushfire Crisis

Jan 23, 2020. Agriculture

Redhanded and the Bushfires

Darren Thomas, our Subject Matter Expert, has a farm near Singleton in NSW. Unfortunately, it burned during the recent fires there just prior to Christmas. All of us at Redhanded felt for Darren as he worked in the office with the anxiety of not knowing if his property and cattle had survived—and with the inability to access it to find…

Jan 20, 2020. Agriculture

We’re hiring – UX/UI Designer

We believe in our people, our creativity and regional and rural Australia. This means more than being great communicators for our clients, we also advocate for ‘greater Australia’ in every creative execution. THE ROLE You want to understand the world and help other people understand the world through your creations. You create with meaning and intent. Form and function merge…

Jan 20, 2020. Creative Digital Strategy

Rural Retail. Time to cut out the Middle Man?

The rural retail market in Australia is consolidating. Canadian firm Nutrien will soon increase its share of the rural merchandise market to around 25% of stores with the acquisition of Ruralco (having Landmark already in its stable). Elders, meanwhile, has bought Australian Independent Rural Retailers (AIRR). Whilst there has been much analysis about what it means for regional and rural…

Sep 30, 2019. Agriculture Strategy

The Isolation Epidemic.

Never before have Australians surrounded themselves with so many people in such proximity to one and other, as our cities grow ever larger, and yet, loneliness and social isolation has become the issue of our time. The proportion of traditional nuclear houses in Australia will drop from 44% to 31% over 50 years to 2036. ABS But it wasn’t always…

Sep 26, 2019. Strategy