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Are we there yet?

Why regional and rural tourism is about to boom and how business and Government can take advantage.

Are we there yet?

If you grew up in Australia in the 1980s or earlier, when air travel was expensive, chances are your holidays involved a family car trip and the refrain: ‘Are we there yet?’. Well, the evidence strongly suggests that car-based tourism within Australia will soon be back—in a big way.

With regional and rural Australia set to be benefit from travel-deprived city dwellers, are our regions and brands ready? Redhanded has put together this document to highlight why this is likely and how to capitalise on it.

In our recent thought piece we look at five reasons why we believe this is true:

  1. Lowest fuel prices in decades.
  2. No overseas travel.
  3. Get out of the City and reconnect.
  4. Support local, support regional.
  5. Renewed appreciation for the natural environment.


A sunny outlook for domestic tourism

Created by leading Clemenger Group market research specialist, Quantum, AustraliaNOW reports near-live consumer sentiment during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The report tracks sentiment daily and draws on over 25 years of additional AustralianSCAN data, making it one of the most comprehensive consumer tools in Australia. From this report there are some specific indicators that support the upcoming surge in regional and rural visitation.

So, with regional tourism to see growth, how will your business or region out-compete others? To find out what you can do for better regional brand-building and marketing download our report.

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