Never waste a good crisis

We are in the midst of an incredibly disruptive period, with ongoing uncertainty. At this time many businesses tend to react in one of two ways: panic or paralysis, and yet we see opportunity in regional and rural Australia.

Never waste a good crisis

Every business across the globe has been impacted by COVID-19. The challenges of overcoming it are huge, but in the Ag sector, the outlook is positive.

Here are few steps you can take in order to ensure you remain connected with your customer base and reassure them that your company is doing everything it can during this tough time. Our team at Redhanded has pulled together some facts and figures to provide guidance and optimism in navigating the current situation.

Why is there opportunity in regional and rural Australia?

#1 Farming sector strength.

Many businesses right now are either panicked or paralysed, and yet the Ag sector is optimistic and in-demand.


#2 More attentive eyeballs than ever.

Media consumption has jumped significantly as Australians look to their most trusted news sources for reassurance and distraction.

4 positive media behaviours


#3 Don’t go dark.

There is significant evidence that brands that are active in a downturn increase market share relative to competitors and bounce back faster than those who go dark.

Brand equity

If you are running an Agribusiness in Australia and are interested in learning more about how to pivot your business in a time of crisis please email [email protected] for a copy of our report.

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